Operations Consulting

We help you build the systems that you need to put in place to scale and grow your business. As a bootstrap startup founders do almost everything. But as the company looks to grow complexity sets in. What worked for a 2 person startup will no longer work for a 50 person company. The company and the operational outlook becomes more complex with every growth event, hiring and benchmark that is hit. The proper planning and the building of procedures, systems and policies will help smooth the growth process as the company matures. These systems should be in place as early as possible to allow for more rapid growth later on without having to rework the whole model completely.

Team Building

A wrong team member or founder derails a company faster than any other factor in the startup process. We help you evaluate your team to insure the company is as lean and efficient as it can be. We help you identify areas where you need to bring people in and we help you identify areas where there are redundancies that cause the company to slow and become none responsive. We work with each team member to identify the areas that they should be working on and who is the right fit going forward.


You have your idea, you have your team in place, but you need financing to make it all happen. We help you identify what type of financing do you need, what type of investor is best for you and how to go about securing that first round of funding. We help you plan for and engage the key players in your funding rounds from Angel Investors to Venture Capital firms we work with you to draw up the best strategy to maximize your funding round. Remember not all Angel investors or Venture Capitalists are the same, they have different areas they work in, different expertise and sectors they the focus on. Whoever you choose will be with your company for a long time so you have to ensure that they are the right fit for your company.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

One of the most frequent questions we get is should I invest my money in legal services, if so what do I need? At Genesis Green Light we will help you identify the key areas that you need to focus on at your particular stage. Some of the key issues that come up are, entity formation (LLC, C Corp, Subchapter S, Partnerships), by laws, partnership and membership agreements, intellectual property, trade mark, copy rights, trades secrets, stock issuance, preferred stock, common stock, options and convertible notes. We help you maneuver and select what exactly you need and who should actually do it.

We worked with Genesis Green Light to quickly do market sampling to identify opportunities in the healthcare field and to advise on team building. They moved fast and were very thorough. At the end we know where we want to go thanks to Genesis Green Light. Lav G, MD