So you are an entrepreneur. Your head is full of ideas. You’ve always thought of new ways to do things, better ways. So know you have an idea that you want to pursue. Maybe this idea, if properly implemented, could be life altering and maybe it could make you a lot of money. What do you do to make it happen.

Don’t invent the wheel. Do research online, reach out to your network. Reach out to your contacts. People don’t realize that they have been cultivating a network of contacts throughout their lives. Sometimes we see them as just friends and family, but if you think about it, they can be wonderful resources. You can leverage their accumulated knowledge to answer questions that may come up. Even better when you think that your friends and family have networks of their own, people they know, and their friends have contacts, you can see how powerful a resource this can be. All you need is to tap into that. Ask for introductions, for advise and for help. You might be surprised that someone in that vast network will have an answer for you.

The other is to look for podcasts and blogging resources. There are plenty of podcasts and blogs that deal with startups and entrepreneurship. A quick search on Medium will bring up tons of resources for you. These resources offer real world experiences and information from founders that went through what you are going through. Be active and find the one that makes the most sense for you.

Search for other online resources. YouTube has a lot of content on startups, technology, entrepreneurship and founders. Look for conferences and talks that deal with the topic that you are interested in. Look to educational institutions that often have a lot of resources online that you can find. Often times these talks have a wealth of information that you wouldn’t normally have access to. You can find talks by CEOs of large tech companies, consultants to Fortune 500 companies which very few people would have access to on their your own.

Another great resource are large incubators. Large international incubators will have a wealth of information online. From articles, clips and conferences these websites will have a lot of information from industry insiders.

Finally, look to local co-working spaces in your area for resources and information. Many co-working spaces will host conferences, chats, office hours (time with a professiona to consult with them) and events to foster the local startup eco-system. Go online, look to their events and calendar pages to see different events that are coming up. Attend these events and ask questions. Many of these spaces are looking to really help nurture founders and help them get the resources they need, so take advantage.

The most important thing is to take your time. Organize what resources you want to look and when so you can really maximize the resources and not get oversaturated.

When you go online, don’t overlook older content. Even if the clip is a few years old, knowledge doesn’t get old. A lot of the principals behind success are the same, so reviewing the stories of people that came before you can help you map out your own path to success.

Visit this area periodically for more useful tips and resources that will help you build your startup.

Below are some resources that we like. Happy viewing.

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