You have heard the buzzwords like, Startups, entrepreneurs, blockchain, AI, Virtual Reality or VR, and Augmented Reality or AR and you fear you are missing out. For those of you that are accredited investors, and want to dive in to the startup world, be it because you want to diversify your portfolio, or because you are passionate about tech startups, sometimes it could seem daunting to find resources or information on companies that you might want to invest in. South Florida is white hot right now in Startup activity. According to the Kauffman Index, which is a series of annual reports that measures U.S. entrepreneurship across the nation, Miami is #1 in startup activity, to site the 2017 report, “The five metro areas with the highest startup activity in the 2017 Startup Activity Index were, in this order, the metropolitan areas centered on the cities of Miami, Austin, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas.” But where to start, how do you get into the ecosystem to evaluate the sectors that you want to invest in? There are many sectors to choose from, technology/ AI/ artificial intelligence or machine learning, Virtual Reality/ VR, Augmented Reality or AR, or social impact ventures, (enterprises that focus on social issues including youth development, food accessibility, clean water, and environmental sustainability to name a few) others prefer to invest in Fintech/ Financial technology (focuses on financial services sector)

At Genesis Green Light we help Investors maneuver this landscape in the most efficient way. Not only do we have a great group of startups available in our organization, but we independently help you access the startup ecosystem in South Florida not only to get to know the most innovative companies headquartered here but also the best ways to get involved.

What is an Accredited Investor

This could be joining a pre-seed funding round on your own or joining an investor group that has the right focus for you.

The best way to get involved is to call us at Genesis Green light so we can discuss more about Angel Investing.

Accredited Investor Information

In general terms, to be an accredited investor, a person must demonstrate an annual income of $200,000, or $300,000 for joint income, for the last two years with expectation of earning the same or higher income. An individual must have earned income above the thresholds either alone or with a spouse over the last three years. The income test cannot be satisfied by showing one year of an individual's income and the next two years of joint income with a spouse. The exception to this rule is when a person is married within the period of conducting a test. A person is also considered an accredited investor if he has a net worth exceeding $1 million, either individually or jointly with his spouse. The SEC also considers a person to be an accredited investor if he is a general partner, executive officer, director or a related combination thereof for the issuer of unregistered securities. This is not legal advice but rather general information, it should not be construed as a determination of whether you qualify as an accredited investor. For more information please see the SEC guidelines for accredited investors. You can also look to this bulletin from the SEC for more information.

We worked with Genesis Green Light to quickly do market sampling to identify opportunities in the healthcare field and to advise on team building. They moved fast and were very thorough. At the end we know where we want to go thanks to Genesis Green Light. Lav G, MD