The Genesis Green Light Startup Garage Miami Edition. In this space we role up our sleeves and throw in with founders to join their team on a more substantial and immersive way. The way it works is a founder or a founding team approach us, we evaluate the project to see if we are in alignment. If we can bring value to the venture, if we are compatible with the team and the sector is within our competency circle, then we are in. That means that we become a more fixed presence on your team. In certain cases we might take equity in your venture but in all cases for members, we will introduce you to our network of investors, professionals and technologists. We will provide access to accountants, lawyers, and other coaches to fill any gaps. We’ve found that many incubators in Miami don’t offer as much value as they can. We work differently. We want Genesis Green Light to be knowns as the place serious visionaries come to change things, to disrupt.

Our philosophy is that if we can bring value to your startup and together we can change something for the better we are in. We believe in commitment, in team work, in long hours of brainstorming and even longer in implementing. Getting the vision to maturity is our priority. In Miami, specially in Miami Incubators, there are a lot of people talking about startups, startups with dope sounding names and founders with no real knowledge of how to succeed. None of them have the commitment to really help your startup grow. We are changing that. We are all about hustle.

Our advise to you is, If you are looking to join an incubator, you should take your time. Look into what areas does the incubator focus on, do they have the write knowledge base, do they have time to devote to your startup. How many residents or members are there, how big is their portfolio. Do they have access to other cities or locations where you can tap their network?

Being selected to an incubator could be life changing. But the wrong incubator can cause you substantial set backs and unwanted partners. Personality clashes, unavailable mentors and advisors, lack of interest and lack of commitment are some of the things that can handcuff your growth. Sometimes their competency is not in the sector you are focusing on, so they won’t be able to provide you with the guidance that you need because they are not familiar with the area that you are working on.

At Genesis Green Light, our incubator has mentors and advisors in Miami, Florida and in Boston, Massachusetts ready to work with you. Our group has marketing people, and in house CTO, Artificial Intelligence advisors, Blockchain mentors, Legal and accounting professionals as well as team building consultants who are ready to go all in with you. You will not be alone.

So if you want to start the journey with us let us know by writing to us here.

We worked with Genesis Green Light to quickly do market sampling to identify opportunities in the healthcare field and to advise on team building. They moved fast and were very thorough. At the end we know where we want to go thanks to Genesis Green Light. Lav G, MD