About Us

This is Who We Are

We are a rebel group of professionals committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve their maximum potential through innovation, technology, flow, strategy, and scalability. We created Genesis Green Light as a place to come together, share knowledge and ideas and create impactful and far reaching ventures and enterprises. It is a place to take disruptive ideas from theoretical to reality.

Our Background

We come from very diverse backgrounds, tech, marketing, law, Wall Street, literature, art, and business. What we have in common is that we are creative thinkers, we think outside the box, we are risk takers, we live by our own rules and we make our own path. We live and work with passion, we recognize talent and great ideas and we go all in.

Mantra & Core Beliefs

Creativity is like water, it’s unstoppable when it flows free. It permeates our whole world, nourishes and keeps us alive. The individuals and companies that harness this power, will shape the future. Why harness, because if you don’t channel it Creativity will waste, scatter and will never it’s purpose, change things. You can only do this if you have the right environment. There is wasted creativity everywhere. We don’t believe in waste.

We believe in growth, if you are not growing or evolving you are dying. We want to change the world and impact it and growing your idea to reach everyone is our goal. We don’t want to change people in a small zip code, we want a larger impact on things. Sustainable growth will achieve that change we are looking for.

We believe Technology is the new “industrial” revolution. Technology is the engine that will drive our collective futures for the remainder of our lifetimes and beyond. Those that don’t see that, don’t bother showing up. Do something else with your time and get left behind.

We believe knowledge is power. You can have the right tech, the right environment without knowledge and your idea will fail. Knowledge gives you where to start your business, which entity to use, which equity structure to adopt, who to have on your team, who not to have, which rules and regulations control the arena where you want to be, which technology platform to use, what the best go-to-market strategy is. This makes all the difference.

Finally, we believe in “US”, in inclusion, in uniting not dividing. We want to open doors not shut them. Why should a few have access and others are shut out. You bring the idea, the drive and the intensity and we’ll help you break the door down.

This is where it starts. Genesis Green Light.

We worked with Genesis Green Light to quickly do market sampling to identify opportunities in the healthcare field and to advise on team building. They moved fast and were very thorough. At the end we know where we want to go thanks to Genesis Green Light. Lav G, MD