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Business Services for Start Ups & Entreprenuers

We are a rebel group of professionals committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve their maximum potential through innovation, technology, flow, strategy, and scalability. We created Genesis Green Light as a place to come together, share knowledge, ideas and create impactful and far reaching ventures and enterprises. It is a place to take disruptive ideas from the theoretical to reality.

  • Pre-Accelerator
  • Hands on work with founders and startups
  • Support and partnering with specialized mentors
  • Team building, iteration, go to market strategies.

We come from very diverse backgrounds, tech, marketing, law, Wall Street, literature, art, and business. What we have in common is that we are creative thinkers, we think outside the box, we are risk takers, we live by our own rules and we make our own path. We live and work with passion, we recognize talent and great ideas and we go all in.

At Genesis Green we have one common goal, to help others avoid unnecessary mistakes when building their startups. In essence, we provide the building blocks for startups to get to the first stage of development. We work with founders, entrepreneurs, disruptors and pre-seed startups to get their ideas to where they need to go. By using built in strategic imperatives we provide you with knowledge, planning, and strategic guidance to move your ideas from the theoretical to the real.

Our team of professionals provides directed advise to those that want to build their disruptive concepts into a company with large reach. We will work with you on a hands-on basis to help you build towards scale and to reach your first stage of funding. We offer guidance in the following areas: operations (management), raising capital (funding), team building, regulatory compliance, entity formation (choosing a corporate structure that works for your business and choosing the right location or jurisdiction) and other corporate matters (issuing stock, convertible notes, by laws issues.

Areas that we are passionate about today are (this could change at any time):

  • Food disruption (working with startups that are redefining how food is consumed on a national scale),
  • blockchain integration (using distributed ledger technology and smart contracts under the ERC 20 standard, to transform and disrupt different industries,
  • Social Curation
  • AI or machine learning.

We are looking for passionate, driven, individuals or teams, that want to make a difference in the world, because we want the same. We think differently, and we dislike the status quo so we challenge it with everything we do. We look for the same in the people we work with and partner with.

If this is you then this is the place to launch your idea.

Our team of professionals provides directed expertise to those who want to build their disruptive concepts into a company with large reach.
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We offer customized consulting plans based on your pain points and budget. We’ll listen and make recommendations designed to get you get to the next level.

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We work you on a more sustained basis. Your company becomes part of the Genesis Green Light family. Long hours and big payoff.

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Looking to invest in an exciting new startup company?
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We are looking for passionate, driven individuals or teams who want to make a difference in the world. We think differently and we dislike the status quo, so we challenge it with everything we do. Does this sound like you?
We worked with Genesis Green Light to quickly do market sampling to identify opportunities in the healthcare field and to advise on team building. They moved fast and were very thorough. At the end we know where we want to go thanks to Genesis Green Light. Lav G, MD